Quality Hearing Aid Products in Lancaster, PA

Quality hearing aid products are the key to living a quality life. Whether you’re investing in a new hearing aid or a peripheral product to help integrate it into your life, R X Hearing Aid Service is here to help make sure you’re getting the products that are right for you.

hearing-aidsOur hearing loss clinic in Lancaster, PA has a wide selection of hearing aids, from some of the best name brands in the industry. In addition, we also offer the products to complement them, including battery replacement and pads. Moreover, we can assist you in finding the ideal product to best fit your level of hearing loss.

In addition to supplying a full range of products at our hearing impairment clinic in Lancaster, PA, we also have the expertise and experience to answer any questions you may have about the products we sell. We’re happy to speak with you at length, to ensure you make a fully-informed purchase.

Trusted Brand Names

We’re pleased to carry a wide range of hearing aids and affiliated products, from some of the most trusted name brands on the market today. Some of the brand names* we stock include:

We’re also knowledgeable in all of the models of hearing aid we carry and can answer your questions and make recommendations about which one might be ideal for you.

For more information about our full scope of hearing aid products or to speak with us about your specific needs, please contact us today by calling 717-397-2046 or stop by and meet with us in person.

*We do not currently carry any hearing aid devices from Miracle Ear or Beltone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.